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Pool Construction Centered Around You

At Tilney Pools, we believe the pool construction process should be efficient, collaborative, and totally centered around you. When it comes to your swimming pool, you have a vision, and it’s our job to make it come true.

We start with clear communication — we guarantee no surprises and always keeping project information up-front and up-to-the-minute. Throughout design and planning and well into construction, we will work together closely, every step of the way.

Below, please find some key project steps, along with what to expect during these times.

Our Pool Construction Process



After design is finalized and you are satisfied and comfortable with the final look, we stake out the footprint of your new pool. This allows you to see how the pool will fit in your backyard. We don’t break ground until you see the location and position and are pleased with everything.

Step One

Fencing and Excavation

A portion of your fencing will need to come down so that our workers can access your backyard during excavating. You will know the date a few days in advance so that all pets, lawn care equipment, furniture, etc., can be safely stored away. At this time, we will dig the depth and shape of your pool based on the exact details of the design specs.

Step Two


Reinforced steel rebar gives your pool the structure it needs, while delivering strength and long-term durability. After building the frame, our shotecrete crew will come in and form the pool shell by hand! It’s very cool to watch!

Step three

Plumbing and Equipment

Installing plumbing lines is a vital step, and during this time we will pressure test the lines — all while getting read-outs of the pressure to ensure the hydraulic system is working properly. Our plumbers will work to deliver the safest configuration possible with a high level of craftsmanship guaranteed.

Step Four


After the installation of the plumbing, it will be time to install the electrical equipment, including any lighting configurations you choose.

Step Five

Hardscape and Decking

At this stage, any hardscaping you called for in your design will be installed. The coping and decking of your choice is installed.

Step Six


Adding the beautiful waterline tile is one of the finishing touches that will make this your very own swimming pool. For the tile, you will have numerous options for sizes, styles, patterns, and colors. Six inches of waterline tile will be installed at the top of your swimming pool: three inches below the water, and three inches above the waterline.

Step Seven

Interior Finish

After the decorative tile for the waterline has been installed, the Pebble Tec interior finish will be applied. This usually takes 1-2 days, depending on the type of interior finish. Plaster usually only takes one day, while some stone interiors could require two days. You will be advised on the amount of time expected.

Step Eight

Clean-Up and Start-Up

After construction is completed, we will clear the area to leave you with a clean backyard. Construction debris will be removed, ruts will be raked level and your yard will be made ready for your landscaper to come in and get your yard back to normal, your fence will be returned to its original appearance. Now the fun begins! We will fill your pool, start up the equipment, and balance your water chemistry so that the first swim can take place right then and ther

Step Nine

Quality And Craftsmanship Is Our Standard!

We are here to help you with all of your commercial and residential pool needs!

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